Why Detail?

Why detail your vehicle anyway?  Isn't washing and vacuuming it once in awhile good enough?  For some drivers the answer is yes, particularly if it's a leased vehicle or rental.  For some drivers, as long as the vehicle gets them where they're going they're happy.  However, if you're an enthusiast, and particularly if you own your vehicle, you probably take more pride in maintaining your vehicle's appearance.  If you pause to take one last admiring look when walking away from your vehicle, you know who I'm talking about! 

Detailing and regularly maintaining your vehicle's appearance can also save you money.  Consider the following.

  • Detailed vehicles not only look better, they also last longer.  With the cost of new vehicles today averaging over $33,500 (Source: 2015 NADA data), you can save money by trading your vehicle less often.
  • Detailing your vehicle protects your investment, and also maintains it's resale, trade-in, or lease return value.  The average resale value can increase by $1000 or more.
  • Detailing your vehicle makes it much easier to maintain, saving you time and money.
  • Detailed vehicles used for business present a positive image helping your business grow.
  • The feeling you get when you get into your nice clean vehicle...priceless!

Why Call Me?

  • When you call me, you get personal and professional service by me.
  • I come to your home or business and work out of a fully equipped modern minivan.
  • I carry my own water and electricity, and don't use yours then ask you to pay for it. 
  • I use only filtered and softened mineral-free water for washing your vehicle to prevent water spots.
  • I'm a Meguiar's trained detail technician, and practice Meguiar's recommended procedures.
  • I use Meguiar's professional products exclusively to obtain the highest quality results possible.
  • I evaluate your vehicle and quote a price for the service before any work is performed.
  • I'm available by appointment 7 days a week to best accommodate your schedule.
  • I work out of my airplane hanger conveniently located close to my clients in Wintergreen.
  • I'm a perfectionist, and I'll care for your vehicle as though it was mine. 

I use Meguiar's professional products exclusively to provide you with the highest quality results possible.  Call me on my mobile phone at 434 987-4041 or email john@omnidetailing.com if I can answer any questions, or if I may be of service to you.  Your car will be glad you did!

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